Pierre Alexandre Achard a Bees keeper was kindof amazed by the thermal efficiency of some polystyren beehives.
Almost nobody in France was selling that kind of hardware so he decied to start by creating he’s own buisness. He ask me for a website to present this kind of beehives and generate some quotation forms.

I Start with WordPress as usual, and create what was my first Woocommerce setup.
After several attempt to modify a contact form into a quotation form (with Ninja Form) I finally found a plugin called RFQ-ToolKit Plus from neahplugins.com which was far easier to transformed the checkout page into a quotation form.
I used a huge amount of WooCommerce hooks to modify that checkout page’s text, also the quotation form mail’s content (the mail for customer & the mail for owner).

Few words about the design: the logo was created by Celine Duchier from Chouette Studio and that was my guideline for the design of this project.

So here we Are :

Achardapiculture.fr Home page