Co-Development with CollectifGr@phic on the website

Logo Usine Vivante

L’Usine Vivante (Literally the alive factory) is the name of an association based in Crest, who provide a nice shared space to some associations, professionnals of several trades, independants, and so on.

So what’s about:

We’d got carte blanche to make this website, which is finally double-edged because we followed our own creativity rather than the usual straight line provided by the customer’s wishes.

We decide to start, not from the scratch, but from a lovely wordpress theme called i-am-one used as a base that we reworked. Interesting thing on this template : the WordPress backoffice already done for a One-Page website (at least the first page), that manage the differents sections of the One-Page.

Added some javascript plugins like the powerful Waypoints.js to play with the scroll, or bxslider.js as slider, and some javascript adjustements on the DOM.

Removed some features of the i-am-one theme like disabling Gravatar or Wp-Emoji, removed prettyphoto.js and so on.

Some CSS animations for the fixed header and some adjustement con cerning the blog’s template files, as usually thanks and big up for the WordPress Codex.

UV screenshot

L’Usine Vivante